UNBOXING: MSI Twin Frozr Edition GTX770

Along with my fan, I also purchased a new video card, an MSI Twin Frozr, Gaming Overclocked Edition GTX 770. (Can they add more words to that name?)

Here’s the unboxing and my first impressions on the card, with the usual geek ramblings:

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  1. First off, Great Video. Love hearing people talk about upgrading.

    Second, Hows the card working out for you now that you have had a little bit of time with it? improve anything in GW2? Pretty sure the engine just sucks.

    I had a EVGA Superclocked 660 and went with a second one in SLI. Only cost me 160 extra dollars because unfortunately 350-400 dollars isn’t in my budget right now. That seemed like the best way to go. Someday I’ll upgrade. Probably once they hit the 800 series, I’ll go back to one single card.

    Anyway, again, great video and look forward to maybe a follow up with some talk about actual gaming performance?

    • Thanks for watching/commenting!

      The new card is working out great. I did see some minor improvement in GW2, but the engine is the problem with GW2. Get into a fight with lots of effects/mobs/other people and the framerate just plummets.

      I thought about going to SLI route, but I have a wimpy power supply and I didn’t want to deal will any issues brought on by SLI compatibility.

      Thanks for the suggestion on the follow up. I was actually thinking of doing something along those lines. I’ve only got GW2, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and Batman Arkham Origins loaded up right now, but I think I can come up with something. I really want to get Skyrim loaded up and modded again and see what I can do there.

      Thanks again for stopping by. Keep coming back and giving me feedback/ideas!

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