Skyrim Let’s Play: A Broken Plan

For those of you not following my YouTube channel (and why aren’t you?), I’ve started a Skyrim Let’s Play.  As I write this entry, I’ve uploading 9 parts – 8 of which have been published.  When I look back at the journey so far, I feel like I need a solid plan moving forward.  A plan that directs the game-play toward an end-goal.  I tried to set the stage with my character’s back story, but the more I look forward the more I feel that back story isn’t enough and, worse still, may not be playable.

Which is what I’ve been thinking about for the past two days.

I always seen Toryyn, my character, as this honorable hero, someone who didn’t like the situation he was in (an imperial soldier witness to the deeds of General Tullius and the coercion of the Thalmor), so he struck out for a new life. I never saw him as a chaotic do-what-ever-you-want kind of person.  He would go into things with a plan and that plan would land him on the “good” side.

There’s nothing wrong with that idea – until you look at the available quests for Skyrim.  Sure there are situations where you help people and do honorable things, but, to be honest, they are in short supply. Most in fact require non-honorable things to happen.  I’m not trying to make this a morality debate, I’m just having a hard time picking a path forward for an “honorable” character.

Right now, the most logical course of action is to have Torryn join the Dark Brotherhood and assassinate the emperor to restore balance.  Carrying that forward, I can use the assassination skills to surgically bring about the end of the civil war.  I can begin all of this with the Thieves’ Guild quest line that increases my stealth abilities.  But there is NOTHING down either of those quest lines that is “honorable” – except the end.  The end justifies the means – Is that enough?

The College of Winterhold really doesn’t appeal to me, as I want Torryn to be a ranger, not a wizard.  I’ve never tried the Bard’s line, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.  The Blades line might be a place start, but I’m not sure I can handle killing Paarthurnax. Worse still is that I don’t know how to tie the main “save the world from the dragon” quest line into all of this.

And that is the biggest hindrance I have: The lack of the knowledge about the game as a whole.  I’ve only played part of it – once, more than a year ago.  I have the wikis and resources on the Internet, but what I have seen so far can only help me to a point as I try to flesh out the story.  I need more game time, sweet and simple.  Or an adviser type person with an intimate knowledge of the game willing to help me.  I have a friend like that, but he’s wrapped up in a play through of his own right now and I don’t want to take his enjoyment away.

So I need to find a way for Torryn to deviate from his background in such a way that the Thieves’ Guild becomes appealing to him.  Then, extend that into a need to become an assassin – whose sole purpose is to get close enough to the emperor to dispatch him from Tamriel.  And since I’ve not planted any seed for that grow from in his back story, it must happen inside the lines of the play through I’ve already begun.  GAH!  What have I done?!!

I do have one thing in my favor.  The way I’ve got Skyrim setup, I can play the game as several different characters concurrently and not risk messing with the one and only path. (+1 for PC Gaming and +10 for ModOrganizer!)  I think that no matter how I decide to move forward, I’ll have a parallel character setup that is running just ahead of Torryn.  That way I can test things in a sandbox before I actually play them inside Torryn’s story.

So the first task: An event that causes Torryn’s schism, something that forces him to turn from Annakin to Darth Vader. I just don’t know what it could be…

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