An Arrow to the Knee

“I used to be an adventurer like you.  Then I took an arrow to the knee.”

If you’ve played Skyrim AT ALL – or even just heard about it – you’ve probably heard this saying.  If you haven’t, it’s probably worth you taking a look at this video.  (WARNING, it contains some foul language.)

Anywho…I’ve been playing again and I installed a mod – a player home named “Rayek’s End“.  Outside of it being a really cool place, the creator has a sense of humor.  You see, the way you find out about the actual home is you find Rayek, or actually his skeleton.  Apparently he was fighting some bandits and, you guessed it, he took an arrow to the knee and couldn’t go on.  He tried crawling back to his hideout, but missed it by about a dozen steps.

I love the humor and I love the mod.  I hope you love my picture of Rayek that I’ve entitled “An Arrow to the Knee”.

An Arrow to the Knee

The 5 Fables and Turien’s Tale

For the past two weeks (beginning with my Christmas break), I’ve been planning and working on a new Skyrim Let’s Play – no, that’s not right, it’s really a story based in the Elder Scroll’s universe during the events/time of the game Skyrim.  I’ve entitled this story, Turien’s Tale – Deeds in the Dark.  I won’t give any more details than this:

Turien's Tale YouTube Thumbnail

I’ve been working on the script, some game play footage and a process with which I can produce my story.  I was reviewing my first submission in this tale – the Prologue – when I re-watched the prologue for “The 5 Fables“:

While I know that the Couch Warrior has plenty of experience – his Erinyes Arcana Let’s Live is a prime example – this simply blew me away.  It affected me so much that I’ve decided to trash all the work that I’ve done on my prologue and start over.  And it’s going to cause me to raise the bar of my cinematic video capture.

My goal is not to compete with Couch Warrior – my goal is to produce something I can be proud of and what I produced today was garbage compared to this.  So I’ll begin thinking, writing and creating again tomorrow.  I’m hoping to create something that is as engaging as the 5 Fables prologue and as beautiful too.


NOTE: My thumbnail is once again a modified version of an image I found on the Internet.  Since the page I downloaded it from gave no creation information, I can not pass the credit along.  If you recognize this image as your creation please let me know and I’ll provide the proper Author’s Credit.

Header Image – Credit Where Credit is Due

While I did “technically” create the dragon header image above, all I did was add the text and line on top of an incredible screenshot.  I can not claim the screenshot however, that one belongs to one of the artists of Dead End Thrills.  Specifically, I used a small portion of the image entitled “Legend”.  I have included the entire image and link below.



While I have captured, what I think, are pretty awesome screenshots before, none of them can compare the quality of work present on that page.  If you want to behold some incredible art present in video games captured by those with a eye for the beautiful, you owe it to yourself to visit Dead End Thrills.



Character Crusade

If you haven’t already seen it, I blogged a few months ago about “Let’s Live” named Erinyes Arcana by The CouchWarrior.  Well, he and two of his friends, Joe and Matt, have teamed up to create a whole thing* called

Character Crusade

I’ve been following them since the “podcast” started and I’ve enjoyed every episode of it.  it has brought me new information about Skyrim, mods that I now actively use, resources for knowledge that I didn’t even know existed for Skyrim and a new way of thinking about role playing.

They are the primary reason I’m thinking about starting my own Let’s Play for Skyrim in the future.  Hopefully one that I can finish.

If you haven’t been to their site, go there.  NOW!

Note [*]: They call it a podcast, but it’s really more than that. They’ve recently added video and a “social” let’s play and just keep supplying content not only in video and audio but in written form on the website too.  Because of all of that, I find it really hard to call it a podcast.

Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve found a new addiction…

I’m going to make this quick because I’m tired and my eyes are burning…but I’ve found a game to be addicted to and to spend hours looking for screenshots in: Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful game I’ve played to date. I provide this as evidence:

Skyhold War Council Hall

This is a hallway in a fortress called “Skyhold” that I’m charged to rebuild and repair for larger battles to come. As great as that sounds, I hope this hall never gets touched.  The light in is hall is just fantastic.  The way it creates the shadows, the god-rays coming in and nearly pristine wood work, it’s a sight to see in the game.  I hope I captured just a little of the presence in this scene.


CouchWarrior and Erinyes Arcana

I’ve been following this “Let’s Play” series from the beginning (although I just started watching it in earnest about 3 months ago). From the beginning I liked Stu’s (the CouchWarrior) presentation and they way he used the game as a mere backdrop for his story.  The way that he used his knowledge of the quests and land of Skyrim, traveling from one side to the other without ever opening the map and always using his shortcuts.

He impressed me with that alone, but as the story continued and his ability to manipulate the game through the console and mods grew, I was astonished in what could be done.

I’ve tried on two occasions to produce a “Let’s Play” only to run out of steam a few episodes in because I couldn’t tie “Quest A” to “Quest B” any longer. Stu obviously has put a great deal of thought into his story, especially since 23 minutes into this episode there was a twist to end all twists.  While his technical skill had impressed me to this point, his story writing has now taken over. I see that the reason that I followed this “Let’s Play” for 89 episodes is the story that seems to keep on changing and keeps me coming back.

I realize that this let’s play is drawing to an end because I can see the end of the playlist on YouTube, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Fleet in the future.  I also hope, now that Stu has started making other things, that he comes back to this story and tugs me back to his version of Skyrim

Things I Learned in Skyrim Today

First I learned about this:

Jorrvaskr' Display for  Wuuthrad

A display for the fragments of Wuuthrad on the wall as you go downstairs in Jorrvaskr. Walked by it a hundred times, never saw it until today.

Then, just a few moments ago, I learned that you can equip and fire regular arrows with a bound bow.  You have to select the arrows in your inventory AFTER summoning the bow, but beyond that it all works the same.