Goobye World – Well, maybe.

This website has become too much of a maintenance nightmare for me to continue to utilize.  I’ve already started using my new site:  There isn’t much there, but it’s not running on an old computer with an old OS and has people with more knowledge and time than I have maintaining the underpinnings.

I’ve not yet decided whether to drop the “” site completely.  What I may actually do is point the domain so that WordPress hosts that too.

This page will stay up until I decide what to do with domain.  Until then, please follow the link above to the site.


aka ScatterBrain, aka PacketLoss.

PS: The new site is just that – NEW.  All of the content from this site has been taken down and archived for possible use later.  I apologize for that, but I can not risk the possibility of the garbage infecting the site to be loose in the wild.  I can recreate the guides and relocate the files I had here if there is an interest.  

Goobye World – Well, maybe.