Starcraft 2 Wallpapers



Been playing around with Photoshop a bit.  Found some really nice Starcraft 2 Logos on the web and I “smushed” them into these wallpapers.  I may even turn one or both of them into my streaming overlays when I play Starcraft.

If you want them (without my gamertag on it), just let me know and I’ll upload the clean versions.

RLD Zerg Wallpaper RLD Protoss Wallpaper2

Mage Skyrim Let’s Play – An Update

I’m officially 4 episodes into my “Mage Let’s Play” of Skyrim. (Episode 4 is “processing” on YouTube as I write this.) I wanted to provide some kind of update about the progress so far, so here I am.  Let’s see how things are going.

While I have been having fun, I’ve been having a hard time role-playing.  I always feel like I’m reading the Bethesda lines aloud in a high-school classroom. I can’t seem to string one line of dialogue into the next and that really makes the conversations…choppy.  At best.  Part of this is, let’s be honest, lame dialogue from Bethesda.  But mostly this just proves that I’m not cut out to be an actor.  Big surprise there! (He said sarcastically.)

I’m also struggling with trying to mask that I’ve been through all of these sections before.  I even caught myself simply quick-clicking on dialogue to “move things along”.  I wanted to get on to the next step. I had forgotten about my viewers – especially those who might had never seen Skyrim.  This is something that I’m really going to struggle with through vast parts of this let’s play – because I’ve seen and played vast parts of Skyrim and let’s just say that I don’t have a vast amount of patience.  Just ask my wife.  She’ll tell you.

I do have one technical issue that I’m dealing with.  nVidia’s Shadowplay – the capture software I’m using – when used on Windows 7 will only create files about 4GB in size before starting a new file.  Which, should be fine.  Except there is the briefest gap in gameplay between the two files.  Just enough to be noticed.  I’ve been working around this by making the files overlap in the video timeline by a very small amount.  But, even with that, there is a perceptible “jump” in the gameplay.  I can fix this by either upgrading to Windows 8.1 – where the file size issue isn’t present – or I can fallback to MSI Afterburner. (The other capture software I have.)  Neither of those are pleasant thoughts.  Afterburner is a huge performance hit and loss of quality.  Windows 8.1 is, well, Windows 8.1.  I’ve tried it.  I don’t like it.  I’m pondering these options still.

All of that being said, I’m finding a groove.  I can produce an episode in about 4 hours now – not counting rendering and uploading times, of course.  Skyrim is stable. My game, in my opinion, looks great.  It feels great.

Looking forward, I only have one real problem – how to get a Mage into the Companions….


Skyrim Let’s Play – Meet Oryn

This is Oryn:

Oryn - Level1

He’s my new character in Skyrim – one that will hopefully bring me, and you, hours of fun.  He’s a Dunmer mage.  A novice who has come to Skyrim to grow his knowledge and power at the College of Winterhold.  Along the way, I’m expecting him to find lots of adventure and loot too.

The biggest news surrounding this is that I’ve started my Let’s Play up.  I’ve actually uploaded two videos already, here’s the prelude:

I’m hoping to record a third (and maybe forth) episode today and to continue posting this journey at least once a week.

I’ve not set down a concrete plan as to Oryn’s growth, I do however anticipate it being a slow one.  The play testing that I’ve done as a low-level pure mage has been…painful.  I expect to have a lot of side quests going to bolster the leveling process and, in the beginning at least, for Oryn to always have a meat-shield, I mean, follower in front of him.  I’ll be using this guide (a great resource) as a reference to Oryn’s build.  things will be different for sure, but I like the premise…a magic using assassin.

We’ll see how it goes.  All I know is that I’m amp’ed up about playing again.