Skyrim: The Story of Aubrey Continues

Aubrey has been a busy Spellsword, spending a lot of time on the roads of Skyrim. He has survived a dragon attack on Helgen, made friends in Riverwood, taken up residence in a cottage on the edge of Whiterun‘s border with Falkreath, killed a dragon – absorbed its soul to realize he’s Dragonborn, became Thane of Whiterun, traveled to Ivarstead and climbed the 7,000 steps to High Hrothgar to meet the Graybeards and discover his path for the future.   His final task in the beginning of this epic journey was to clear out Shroud Hearth Barrow and claim a new word of power from inside.

Here We Go Again

(I entitled the picture “Here We Go Again” because of the door.  There is another one in Bleak Falls Barrow where Aubrey received his first word of power – before he knew what they were.)


All in all, it’s been a busy first 10 hours for this character.  Wonder what the next 10 will bring?

Aubrey – Spellsword for Hire

I’ve decided to try another path in Skyrim.  No, Miranda isn’t gone, I’ve just started another play through with Aubrey.


Aubrey is a former Imperial officer, tired of all the BS associated with that life. He’s decided to seek the life of an adventurer and learn the art of the mages. While he currently is much better with a sword, shield and a bow, he’s learned a few spells and is working his way across Skyrim on his way to the College of Winterhold.  There he will become a true Spellsword…or will he?

Time will tell.  Happy gaming!

Miranda – A Skyrim Nightblade

I have a new Skyrim playthrough underway.  This time I’m trying a new character type – a Nightblade. I’m not very far into the game yet – only made it past “Bleak Falls Barrow” – but I’m liking the style.

Here’s a few screenshots of my character, Miranda as she relaxes in Whiterun’s “The Bannered Mare”.

Miranda-2014_10_26 12_18_07_09

Miranda-2014_10_26 12_18_51_75

Miranda-2014_10_26 12_19_38_45

I hope to grab more screenies at the playthrough progresses.

So Envious… Skyrim ENB Screenshot Gallery.

Yes, once again, I have been trolling the ENB Screenshot Gallery forum for Skyrim and just gazing in amazement at some of the things that are possible through mod’ing and graphical manipulation.  It’s been nearly three months since I even thought about Skyrim, but with shots like these, I’m thinking it’s not going to be long until back at it.



Frozen landscape


I mean I DO have a freshly installed OS and virgin copy of Skyrim just sitting around on my gaming SSD. It’d be a shame to just let it sit there.

BTW, if you follow the link to the forum above, be prepared.  Some of the shots can be very NOT SAFE FOR WORK.