A Word Up Front

This blog is centered around video games. Most of the games I play are Role-Playing or heavily story driven. As such, there will be times, quite often in fact, when I'll post about something that happens in the game. To anyone who has yet to play the game in question, or that particular section of the game, my posts/images/stories might spoil your experience. This block is here to warn you before you go any further, that there -ARE SPOILERS- in my posts. There's nothing I can do about it and still post the content that I do. I hope you understand this and enjoy my content in spite of the spoilers.

Fallout4 Far Harbor 2

Fallout 4 – Far Harbor DLC is B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Without a doubt, Bethesda has, with the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC, created the best looking, most atmospheric environment I have EVER seen in a video game.  Want proof?  Here are a couple of untouched (except for what the Cinematic Excellence ReShade/ENB preset does to the image) screenshots.

LisaMurdock_Fallout4 2016-05-16 21-06

Fallout 4 – Lisa Murdock, Survivalist.

Meet Lisa, my newest Fallout 4 character and Survival Mode experiment.  Not to give everything away, but, she’s an ex-DIA agent turned sole survivor of a Vault-Tec experiment who has awoke to the aftermath of nuclear devastation 200 years after it happened. Stay tuned for more.


Fallout 4 Moral Dilemma: The Institute.

A warning up front: MAJOR MAIN STORY LINE SPOILERS ARE INCOMING.  I don’t yet have the full picture, but I made first contact with the Institute last night and I’m up in arms about the experience.  I want to use this post to vent/rant and otherwise attempt to rationalize the […]


Distress Signal – Fallout 4

I’ve seen some completely messed up things since being frozen in Vault 111.  The death of my wife.  The kidnapping of my son.  The world blown to hell.  Humans turned into mutated freaks by FEV. But when the Brotherhood sent me to clear out Fallon’s Department Store, nothing prepared me […]


Kellogg – Fallout 4

Well, true to his word, Nick found enough clues to lead me to the man that I’ve been looking for ever since I made it out of the vault.  He’s a mercenary that had lived in Diamond city for a while, but recently disappeared. His name is Kellogg.  He’s the […]