Skyrim – The journey is NOT over.

According to Steam, I have accumulated over 500 hours of Skyrim “in game” time.  Not ALL of that is playing I assure you. But the fact remains that I have played and explored a lot of Skyrim.

When I see screenshots like this: (From user OhKay on the ENB Dev Forums)

I know that I my journey in Skyrim is far from over.

So Envious… Skyrim ENB Screenshot Gallery.

Yes, once again, I have been trolling the ENB Screenshot Gallery forum for Skyrim and just gazing in amazement at some of the things that are possible through mod’ing and graphical manipulation.  It’s been nearly three months since I even thought about Skyrim, but with shots like these, I’m thinking it’s not going to be long until back at it.



Frozen landscape


I mean I DO have a freshly installed OS and virgin copy of Skyrim just sitting around on my gaming SSD. It’d be a shame to just let it sit there.

BTW, if you follow the link to the forum above, be prepared.  Some of the shots can be very NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Dell’s Downhill Slide…

I have been buying Dell computers, laptops and servers for nearly 22 years.  I have done so because I felt they produced a product that was worth the money and gave me enough choices to satisfy my “nerd elitist” side.

All of that began to change a few years ago.

My first issue was being “sales manager” hopped four times in a year.  I barely got to know the person before I had a new manager and team to deal with.

Then came the lack of choices.  Gone are the days where I could start with an item on the web site and add this and subtract that.  Now it’s “Take this” or “Pick that” and be happy.

Today was the last straw.

I’ve been dealing with the reconstruction of my company’s data after a disaster, part of which included the wiping and rebuilding of an infected computer.  The computer in question was a CAD workstation that was purchased in January of this year – a Precision T3600. To get the machine they way we needed it, I had to purchase it with a RAID controller (one that we would never take advantage of) – the machine has one (Yep ONE) SSD for storage.

So the time came to reload the machine.  I went to the machine’s folder in my file cabinet, pulled out the “Reinstallation” DVD for Windows 7, dropped it in the drive and expected all to be well in a few hours. WRONG! The “reinstallation” disc didn’t contain drivers for the RAID controller.  That meant when the installer booted and tried to find a place to install Windows, it couldn’t.  No.  Those drivers were placed on a another DVD that I was forced to copy to a thumb drive to allow the Windows installer to find them.

Don’t get me wrong, none of this is a nightmare to contend with, it’s just the I HAD to deal with it in the first place.  I didn’t want a RAID controller, but I was forced to take it to get the processor and amount of RAM I wanted. Then the icing on the cake is that once I got the install finished, the system was still missing drivers for things like the USB posts, the video adapter, the NIC, and the motherboard’s chipset.

This “reinstallation” disc should have had ALL of these items taken care of.  I should have been able to drop that DVD in the drive, boot the system, install Windows without the worry of looking for drivers to make the installation possible.

I’m finding it VERY hard to think I’ll stay with Dell for any future purchases.