A Word Up Front

This blog is centered around video games. Most of the games I play are Role-Playing or heavily story driven. As such, there will be times, quite often in fact, when I'll post about something that happens in the game. To anyone who has yet to play the game in question, or that particular section of the game, my posts/images/stories might spoil your experience. This block is here to warn you before you go any further, that there -ARE SPOILERS- in my posts. There's nothing I can do about it and still post the content that I do. I hope you understand this and enjoy my content in spite of the spoilers.

Fallout 4 – ELI Test Screenshots

Just a few screenshots from my current Fallout 4 setup.

New Project – Unbound

A couple of weeks ago, I watched and participated in a live stream with the folks at The Character Crusade.  During that show, a small comment turned into a new project for them, and for me.  They call it Character Crusade Unbound.  I’ll refer to it simply as Unbound.  The […]

So…It’s Been A While.

But I’m back and I’m going to college.  Well, my Skyrim character is going to college.  The College of Winterhold.  Think Hogwarts for Nords.  Just wanted to post a few screenshots.  As time and awesome views of Tamriel permit, I’ll add more.

Elder Scrolls Online

For about 4 months (maybe 5), I’ve been enjoying Elder Scrolls Online.  I’ve been amazed at the depth of the game, the place it plays in Elder Scrolls history and they way that the stories weave into the established Elder Scrolls lore. To be honest I was surprised at quickly […]

Fallout 4 Settlement Building – Sanctuary Power Plant

  I’ve been watching a lot of videos lately about settlement building.  I’ve done so because the play through I’m working at the moment is centered around the Minutemen.  Their goal is to rebuild the Commonwealth and make it a better place, so I’m trying to put myself in that […]