Fallout 4 Settlement Building – Sanctuary Power Plant


I’ve been watching a lot of videos lately about settlement building.  I’ve done so because the play through I’m working at the moment is centered around the Minutemen.  Their goal is to rebuild the Commonwealth and make it a better place, so I’m trying to put myself in that role and build something that accomplishes that and is, at the same time, believable.  So instead of using all my mods that allow me to put in pristine items, I’m focused on “What could I build with just junk and scrap left over after nuclear devastation?” and “How would I do that?”

This power plant is the first step on that path.  Using items from the new Contraptions DLC, an idea from “NoRespawns” on YouTube and a bit of time, I came up a scrappy, possibly believable power generation station.  Obviously, there are some things that simply don’t make sense – like putting 11 gas/diesel powered generators in a (mostly) closed building on top of a ruined house, but this is the Fallout universe we’re talking about here.  If I don’t enclose it, raiders can attack the generators and destroy it with just a few grenades.

Anyway, I hope you like the video.  If you do, be sure to give it a like and visit Davey’s channel and give him a thumbs up as well.

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