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Epicness – Fallout 4

No story with this one. The scene just caught my eye. The station’s lighting combined with the nighttime RAD Storm just looked like pure epicness to me.

Arcjet Labs – Fallout 4

I never knew this place existed.  And it seemed the people that ran it wanted it that way.  Well, at least they didn’t want to people to know what was going on here.  They were apparently working on some new engine.  Paladin Danse and I found it while looking for a […]

Ad Victoriam – Fallout 4

The Brotherhood of Steel they called themselves.  Three people (They started with seven, I think) sent to Boston to look for “technology”.  Actually I think they are actually looking for the “effects of technology” instead.  Because they seems to things for killing mutants and Synths.  Synths are something new to […]

Creepy – Fallout 4

I don’t know why, but every time I see one of these monkey I think two things: “Man that’s creepy.” and “That frakkin’ thing is watching me.”  I guess it’s the eyes or something.  It’s like it’s starting at me – no matter where I am.  I can’t believe that […]

Greygarden – Fallout 4

Greygarden.  A technological marvel.  200 years ago.  Dr. Edward Grey, a nut…er..eccentric engineer from RobCo, built or supervised the building of this fully autonomous hydroponic greenhouse.  I remember watching a blurb about it on the evening news the day it opened, just a few days before the “Great War”.  Hard […]