Ad Victoriam – Fallout 4


The Brotherhood of Steel they called themselves.  Three people (They started with seven, I think) sent to Boston to look for “technology”.  Actually I think they are actually looking for the “effects of technology” instead.  Because they seems to things for killing mutants and Synths.  Synths are something new to me and I’m still not sure where they’re coming from.  Paladin Danse says “The Institute” is creating them.  This make them number one on our hit-list.

Yeah, I said “our”.  After I helped Danse he offered me a place in the Brotherhood.  It seemed like a better fit than the Minutemen – having a known target and a purpose.  It felt right being back in a well organized military-type organization.  Besides, they seem to be my best chance to actually make it to Shaun.  Knowing that someone will support you when needed.  Plus having access to higher grade weaponry can’t hurt either.

I’m still free to help Preston and the Minutemen, but he’s gonna have to find a new General.

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