About This Blog

Why does this place exist?

I am a very technically oriented person, meaning I have a very hard time seeing or thinking about things that aren’t 100 percent black or white, measured accurately out to 12 decimal places, and have a very detailed manual that I can refer to.

I also have a very vivid imagination.  As a kid, I was constantly being scolded by my teachers (and then my parents) for daydreaming in class.  I would finish the task they put in front of me, quickly get bored, and start thinking about [insert anything but schoolwork here].  No matter the form of “scolding”, nothing stopped me from imagining being in other places, talking with different people, playing with really cool toys or things that I didn’t have.

My technical side drove me to tear something apart to see how it worked – or make something else from it.  My imagination allowed me to escape reality and create (and control) things in my mind.  This drew me into science-fiction and fantasy books, comics, movies, and ultimately into computers.

I use computers in my job – I’m both an IT manager and a Senior CAD Technician at a civil engineering company.  My technical side is satisfied quite well there.

I also use computers in my free time for my imaginative side – writing, photo editing, 3D modeling and rendering, video creation and editing, and of course video games.

Problem is, I’ve always wanted to create things and be recognized for doing so.  To be a creative or creator.  But I never had a way to do that until blogging became “a thing”.  I’ve been trying one idea after another to make my creative side happy with this site.

What will be put here?

Well, to be honest, that’ll change from creative urge to creative urge.  Right now, I’m hoping to put things centered completely around my gaming – screenshots, wallpaper, videos and other things like that.

My current personal goal is to actually use this place more than once every six months.