Fallout 4 – ELI Test Screenshots

Just a few screenshots from my current Fallout 4 setup.

Header Image – Credit Where Credit is Due

While I did “technically” create the dragon header image above, all I did was add the text and line on top of an incredible screenshot.  I can not claim the screenshot however, that one belongs to one of the artists of Dead End Thrills.  Specifically, I used a small portion […]


Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve found a new addiction…

I’m going to make this quick because I’m tired and my eyes are burning…but I’ve found a game to be addicted to and to spend hours looking for screenshots in: Dragon Age: Inquisition. Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful game I’ve played to date. I provide this as […]


CouchWarrior and Erinyes Arcana

I’ve been following this “Let’s Play” series from the beginning (although I just started watching it in earnest about 3 months ago). From the beginning I liked Stu’s (the CouchWarrior) presentation and they way he used the game as a mere backdrop for his story.  The way that he used his […]


Bring Me That Horizon

I took a long tour of the shore of the Sea of Ghosts tonight in Skyrim. I really hadn’t intended to look for a screenshot, but when I looked back toward Dawnstar I was stunned with the view, so here it is.  Hope you enjoy.