CouchWarrior and Erinyes Arcana

I’ve been following this “Let’s Play” series from the beginning (although I just started watching it in earnest about 3 months ago). From the beginning I liked Stu’s (the CouchWarrior) presentation and they way he used the game as a mere backdrop for his story.  The way that he used his knowledge of the quests and land of Skyrim, traveling from one side to the other without ever opening the map and always using his shortcuts.

He impressed me with that alone, but as the story continued and his ability to manipulate the game through the console and mods grew, I was astonished in what could be done.

I’ve tried on two occasions to produce a “Let’s Play” only to run out of steam a few episodes in because I couldn’t tie “Quest A” to “Quest B” any longer. Stu obviously has put a great deal of thought into his story, especially since 23 minutes into this episode there was a twist to end all twists.  While his technical skill had impressed me to this point, his story writing has now taken over. I see that the reason that I followed this “Let’s Play” for 89 episodes is the story that seems to keep on changing and keeps me coming back.

I realize that this let’s play is drawing to an end because I can see the end of the playlist on YouTube, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Fleet in the future.  I also hope, now that Stu has started making other things, that he comes back to this story and tugs me back to his version of Skyrim

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