Greygarden – Fallout 4


Greygarden.  A technological marvel.  200 years ago.  Dr. Edward Grey, a nut…er..eccentric engineer from RobCo, built or supervised the building of this fully autonomous hydroponic greenhouse.  I remember watching a blurb about it on the evening news the day it opened, just a few days before the “Great War”.  Hard to believe all this time and the place is still producing.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Codsworth was running when I left the Vault.

According to Supervisor White, the robot who contacted Preston, Dr. Grey apparently loved two things – robotics and TV.  That’s why the three supervisor robots all have special personalities along with unique paintjobs.  They were tailored after TV celebrities.   Corney.  Get it?  CORN-ey.  Greenhouse.  Food.  Oh well, corny or not, I can use the food produced here to support the settlers, so I’m off to see what’s wrong with their water supply.

Never thought I’d be working FOR a robot.  But there you go.

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