Clean up on Aisles 7, 8 and 9 – Fallout 4


When I entered Lexington, the first building I recognized was the “Super Duper Mart”.  I didn’t go inside the night I made my way to the Corvega factory, but I put it on my list to come back.  I don’t know why; I always hated shopping before.  I guess I thought there my be some useful supplies in there still.  So when I came close to the store on my way to the Starlite Drive In, I decided I’d take a peek.

I wasn’t expecting to find much.  Maybe some fuel or bits of salvage.  I tell you what I wasn’t expecting – to find the place littered with Ghouls.  I looted several bodies and grabbed ammo and other useful bits.  When I entered the back storage room, all hell broke loose.  These Ghouls weren’t dead.  They were playing possum and lured me right into a trap.  I was surrounded by them and what I can only assume was their leader – a Feral Ghoul Roamer that nearly killed me – twice.  Luckily, before I left Sanctuary, I fitted my double-barrel with a new sight.  That made it more deadly and I needed it in that place.

When it was over, there were a dozen dead Ghouls scattered all over the remains of the store.  But Ghouls weren’t the only bodies left there.  I found the remains of two Minutemen:  Josh and Emma.  I can only guess the trap the Ghouls laid for me didn’t work out for them.  I found Josh in an office, surrounded by Ghoul corpses.  His weapons and ammo stash beside him.  Emma didn’t fair as well in the Garage outside.

I took their weapons, a holotape I found on Josh and both of their hats, symbols of the Minutemen.  I figured that Preston would know what to do with them.  The weapons could be used by the settlers to defend Sanctuary.  I took the ammo for myself.  I thought I better keep it for the other things I wasn’t expecting as I traveled.

I’ve not listened to the holotape yet.  I think I’ll wait until I’m safe and alone to hear what Josh had to say.  I’ll decide what to do with it after I hear it.

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