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Fallout4_Open For Business

The Drumlin Diner – one of the worst dives in all of Boston.  And the best place for a burger in a hundred miles.  When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe it stood.  Compared to some of the buildings I’d seen in the past few days, it was in pretty good shape.  Even the “Open” neon sign was working.

Then I heard him – Wolfgang – threatening the new occupant of the Diner, Trudy.  Apparently Wolfgang was a chem pusher and Trudy’s son, Patrick was hooked on Jet.  He had come to collect on Patrick overdue tab.  I arrived just as the argument got to the “Pay up or I’m coming in.” stage.  I surprised Wolfgang when I spoke up and asked Trudy if she needed help.  He didn’t surprises I guess cause he just started shooting.  I pulled out the auto pipe pistol and returned the favor.  When it was over, Wolfgang and his sidekick were dead and I had a new bullet hole in my left arm.  But, Trudy and Patrick were OK and I got to hear Trudy’s story.

Trudy had turned the old place into a trading post.  She had just finished cleaning the place up and turned on the “open” sign.  It made her feel good when I became her first customer.  She helped me patch my arm up and I told her I’d stop by from time to time as I made my across what remained of Boston.  I grabbed my new Laser Pistol and headed back to Sanctuary.

Too bad she didn’t make hamburgers.

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  1. I remember sitting on those stools, eating a greasy burger after a long day of working outside… If the bombs didn’t kill everyone, those grease burgers sure would have.

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