About This Blog

Why does this place exist?

I decided that I needed a separate place for my gaming identity.  Why?  I don’t know it just seems odd that I would be pushing people to different sites all with different names.  While they are all “me”, it was confusing.  I wanted a way that I could “/p4ck3tl055” everything.  That meant a new website/blog and a new Facebook page.  That’s really the only reason this site exists – an easier way for anyone who might want to follow me to find me.


What will be put here?

Well, I’m hoping to put things centered completely around my gaming – screenshots, wallpaper, videos and other things like that.  I may even move things from my personal blog here – like my Skyrim Modding Guide. I don’t know how much it will grow, but this will be the first place to look to see what I’m doing with gaming.