This section of my blog will be devoted to the fictional work based on the video game Skyrim and the project called “Character Crusade Unbound” from the minds of the folks at The Character Crusade.  In a nutshell, using the mod “Skyrim Unbound”, I’ve generated a random character (except for the appearance) and the mod has generated a random beginning for me.  Meaning it put my character in a random location, with randomly generated starting equipment and this is where the events of Skyrim begin for my character.

I have been keeping track of my character’s progress and taking screenshots along the way.  Using the notes, screenshots and my imagination, I’m going to try my best to create an entertaining story for you, my readers.

This will be a slow process as I work the kinks out of it (and steal ideas from my fellow Crusaders).  But it will be a fun and wild ride.  I hope you enjoy it!


Morgan Teague wakes in an Imperial camp to a remarkable set of circumstances.