Rigel Sebastian Tannick



All are welcome within Stendarr’s gracious embrace. His temple doors are never closed, for all in Tamriel deserve comfort and shelter. He welcomes the afflicted, the hopeless, the forgotten, and yes, even the heretical. Through his priests, he offers them counsel and assistance. 

His hallowed radiance heals those who open their hearts and seek his benevolence. His mercy is boundless, and by the clarion call of his horn, he can mend any wound, stay any disease, and soothe any broken soul. 

Stendarr’s faithful are blessed by great revelations in the healing arts. If you seek his wisdom, wield the gift of restoration magic in his name. Follow his precepts, and make yourself vulnerable to his will. 

  • Never refuse aid you are capable of providing.
  • Go among the infirm and the wounded wherever you find them.
  • Offer prayer to Stendarr every day.
  • Do not hoard wealth or indulge physically.

 Above all, never forget Stendarr’s command: Be kind and generous to the people of Tamriel. Protect the weak, heal the sick, and give to the needy.

Vigilant is the title of my story set in the The Elder Scrolls universe just before and during the events of Skyrim.  This section of my blog will be devoted to the story of Rigel Sebastian Tannick, an ex-Imperial soldier who has answered the call of Stendarr and has recently become a Precept, or Priest, of Stendarr.  Dedicated to bringing justice to the province of Skyrim in a time when few care for it.  Bastian, as he is known, will be brought into many weird and exciting circumstances and only the gods know how they’ll turn out.

A word of warning:  This story will be adult in nature and will contain violence, sexual overtones, gore, torture and adult topics.  It will not be a work of pornography, but detailing the lives of lovers, spouses and enemies may depict graphic scenes.  If this story were rated by the MPAA, I would assume it would receive an “R”.  You have been warned.


Table of Contents
Chapter One

Chapter Two