Header Image – Credit Where Credit is Due

While I did “technically” create the dragon header image above, all I did was add the text and line on top of an incredible screenshot.  I can not claim the screenshot however, that one belongs to one of the artists of Dead End Thrills.  Specifically, I used a small portion […]


Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve found a new addiction…

I’m going to make this quick because I’m tired and my eyes are burning…but I’ve found a game to be addicted to and to spend hours looking for screenshots in: Dragon Age: Inquisition. Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful game I’ve played to date. I provide this as […]


CouchWarrior and Erinyes Arcana

I’ve been following this “Let’s Play” series from the beginning (although I just started watching it in earnest about 3 months ago). From the beginning I liked Stu’s (the CouchWarrior) presentation and they way he used the game as a mere backdrop for his story.  The way that he used his […]


Bring Me That Horizon

I took a long tour of the shore of the Sea of Ghosts tonight in Skyrim. I really hadn’t intended to look for a screenshot, but when I looked back toward Dawnstar I was stunned with the view, so here it is.  Hope you enjoy.



I’ve been away from Skyrim for nearly a month now. Simply put, after spending 4 months modding, changing, starting and stopping, wanting to get something going and failing, I’ve burnt out on the game again. For the past three weeks, I’ve diverted my attention to Diablo and tried to numb […]