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Elder Scrolls Online

For about 4 months (maybe 5), I’ve been enjoying Elder Scrolls Online.  I’ve been amazed at the depth of the game, the place it plays in Elder Scrolls history and they way that the stories weave into the established Elder Scrolls lore. To be honest I was surprised at quickly […]

Fallout 4 – Commonwealth Sunrise

Greygarden.  Early in the morning.  210 years after my world ended.  Hard to believe that after all the devastation,  that the sunrise over Boston still takes my breath.  Even through the early-morning fog, the familiar skyline is there.  210 years hasn’t changed the fact that Boston is home.  I keep […]

Fallout 4 – Ever Vigilant

No matter what the situation, the men and women assigned to guard the settlements created by The Minutemen stand vigilant.  Through rain, wind, raider, mutant and ghoul attacks, and even RAD Storms, these chosen few do their jobs and keep the settlements safe.  It takes a special breed of person […]


Companion’s Farewell

A moment between friends at the end of a journey. Goodbye Kodlack, Harbinger of the Companions.


Skyrim Modding: Thoughts for Next Time

I am 118 hours into my most recent play through of Skyrim. While I’ve enjoyed it overall – I still have a LOT left to do – I’m learning that modding Skyrim the way that I have may, MAY, have pushed things too far.  I say that because I’m finding […]