Fallout 4 – Ever Vigilant


No matter what the situation, the men and women assigned to guard the settlements created by The Minutemen stand vigilant.  Through rain, wind, raider, mutant and ghoul attacks, and even RAD Storms, these chosen few do their jobs and keep the settlements safe.  It takes a special breed of person to commit to something higher than they are.  To stand firm in the face of uncertainty.  To beat back those that would take what they want, just for the sake of taking it.  These men and women were born to be Minutemen.  They were born to protect those that need it.  They were born to man the walls. They were born to follow their General, and play a not-so-small part in the rebuilding of humanity after the Great War.

Are you one such person?  If so, speak up and join The Minutemen!

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