Segment Two – Rebuilding

Morning, Morndus, 18th of Last Seed, 4E 201 – Dawnstar

The sun came up much sooner than Morgan wanted it to.  The exertions from yesterday left him tired and sore in places he’d rather not mention in public.  The blow to the head must have left him weaker than anyone thought.  But there was only one way for him to get back into shape and that was exercise.  All he had to do is convince the rest of his body to cooperate.






So I’ve made it to Dawnstar.  I would have been here sooner if I didn’t come across three large spiders in the courtyard of a ruin between the camp and here.  I decided it was better to give them a wide berth instead of taking them head on.  My clothing offered very little protection from their bites and I didn’t want to think about their venom.  So I followed the remains of a wall that surrounded the courtyard.  That took me well to the south of Dawnstar.  But luckily I didn’t face any other wild life on the way here.


I’m in the Inn at the moment – the Windpeak Inn.  Not much traffic, but it’s early in the day.  It appears that almost everyone in this town works at the mines or the docks or in a support role to them.  Situation being what it is, I’m going to go to the mines myself later today and ask for work.  I’m hoping that gives me enough money to buy something more than clothes.  If it doesn’t I’ll use the money to buy tools and then I’ll do some hunting and craft my own armor.  I’ve heard a forge and anvil while looking around earlier.  I’ll need to find them later.

There is an alchemy shop near the docks.  But no other mages.  I’m going to have a hard time relearning what I’ve lost if I can’t find a mage.

Late, Morndus, 18th of Last Seed, 4E 201 – Dawnstar

I’ve worked all day in the iron mine on the western side of town.  I didn’t make as money as I thought I would, so tomorrow I’m going to go to the quicksilver mine near the docks.  I’ve asked the innkeeper if I could sleep on the floor as I don’t have enough money to pay for a room.  He was reluctant, but agreed.  He’s a good man I think.  He’s still mourning the loss of his wife.  Not sure how long ago that happened, but his daughter is encouraging him to be more social.  It’s obvious he’s thrown himself into his work to try to forget.  Gotta be tough though.

I’ve kept to myself and no one seemed phased by my presence.  This evening I overheard a group of townsfolk taking with a priest of Mara about nightmares.  It seems that everyone in Dawnstar is having recurring nightmares.  I’m not sure if they all are have the same one, but it’s keeping them from having a decent sleep.  I guess I didn’t notice the edginess because I’m a newcomer and haven’t had the time to learn the normal mannerisms yet.  I’m not sure the priest is going to be able to handle it.  Maybe I’ll ask him about…no.  I’ve got my own problems that need to solve first.  I’ve got to take care of myself before I can help others.

I feel lucky  I’m not having nightmares.  I’ll need to work hard so I don’t catch whatever it is that causes this affliction.  A few more day and then maybe I can at least have some sense of normalcy of my own.


Late, Tirdas, 19th of Last Seed, 4E 201 – Dawnstar

Today was a better day.  This morning I was able to work the quicksilver mine and bring out enough ore to fund the beginnings of my gear.  By selling the two axes and several other bits of loot from the lighthouse, I was able to collect enough money to buy a decent shield, sword, a bow and a quiver of arrows.  With the last septim to my name I bought a used set of smithing tools.

In the afternoon I was able to do some hunting.  This hunting turned out to be a gold mine for me.  Not only did I take an elk, I took several more wolves, two goats, three skeevers and a roaming group of bandits.  Luckily I was close enough that the Dawnstar guard helped me finish off the group’s mage.  She was about to kill me when they stepped in and took her attention.  That left me with just enough time to place an arrow through her ear.  The gold mine came in the form of the pelts and bandit loot.  I think I finally have enough to create some hide armor and get out of these clothes.  I’ll start on that project in the morning.


Mid-day, Middas, 19th of Last Seed, 4E 201 – Dawnstar

I’ve spent the morning putting together a workable set of hide armor and in the process spent a great deal of time running around this “city”.  For a port city, there’s precious little to do here.  The blacksmith didn’t have a workbench, the grinding wheel was near the entrance to the town, there’s no general merchant, it’s like the mines are the dock workers are all this town really has.

I met the owner of the alchemist shop, The Mortar and Pestle (very original name there), her name is Frida.  After selling some ingredients I found and make some potions of my own, she told me that she and her husband open the shop many years ago.  One of her husband’s pursuits was an enchanted rings that makes alchemy recipes better, more potent.  It is called the “Ring of Pure Mixtures”.  Frida has just become aware of it’s resting place.  A cave on the eastern road to Winterhold and Windhelm named, aptly enough, the Forsaken Cave.  I offered to look for it if I ever went that way.

After spending the rest of the morning looking for a workbench and not finding one, I started asking about other towns close to Dawnstar.  I was told that Morthal was the closest town, west on the main the road.  So I’m going to gather my things and head in that direction.  My current plan is to eat one good meal in the inn before leaving.



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