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Valentine Detective Agency – Fallout 4

Nick Valentine.  Diamond City’s own private detective.  How is he going to get me any closer to Shaun?  How is a Synth – and a busted one at that – going to help me find my son when I don’t even know where to start looking?  Why am I even […]

Fallon’s Maze – Fallout 4

I don’t know who did all of this, but someone has taken over the parking garage across from Fallon’s Department Store and turned it into…well, turned into a maze.  A frighting maze full of grotesque horrors, sights and traps.  The more I wondered through the maze the more disturbed I […]

Vault-Tec – Fallout 4

Go to the vault for your protection.  It’s a safe place. Bullcrap! I entered Vault 114 tonight and found out the truth. Inside the terminals of this not quite complete vault is documentation that Vault-Tec made these vaults as multi-million dollar mazes and we, the vault dwellers, were their lab […]

At A Minute’s Notice – Fallout 4

“At a minute’s notice.”  That’s how he described his job.  “To be ready in a minute’s notice.” The past few weeks have shown Preston Garvey as good as his work.  Always willing.  Always ready.  Too bad I’ll be leaving soon.  The Brotherhood and my son have waited long enough.  You’re […]

Ronnie Shaw – Fallout 4

What can I say about Ronnie Shaw? Tough. Hardliner. Stubborn. Dedicated. Lifesaver. Without her, we wouldn’t have access to the Castle’s Armory. She knew enough about the Castle to get us there and that allowed us to rebuild the artillery batteries. I hope the new Minutemen look up to her […]