Kellogg – Fallout 4


Well, true to his word, Nick found enough clues to lead me to the man that I’ve been looking for ever since I made it out of the vault.  He’s a mercenary that had lived in Diamond city for a while, but recently disappeared. His name is Kellogg.  He’s the son-of-a-bitch that killed my wife and took my son.

With some things from his shack in Diamond City, Dogmeat was able to track him all the way to the other side of Boston to Fort Hagen.  Unfortunately, he was ready.  Whether it was for me or for someone else, I don’t know, but he had the Fort locked down by Synths, turrets, surveillance and traps.

When he saw I wasn’t going to give up, he tried to talk me down.  Every time I drew closer.  Every time I replayed that scene where he killed her.  Every time I wanted to gut him with my bare hands.  He opened the last two doors for me remotely.  I guess he figured I wasn’t going away.  He was rather calm and dapper when we finally met, considering he was about to die.  I guess his arrogance convinced him that he would survive the confrontation.  Not a chance.

What did he call me?  “The most resilient man in the Commonwealth.” Brother you have no idea.  I will walk through hell to get Shaun back and you’re going to pay for killing Nora!

God.  I miss her!

I only wished you had lived a little longer, so I could put a few more shotgun holes in you, you sick mercenary mother frakker.  But I guess you weren’t really living anyway – most of your guts were replaced with high-tech augmentations.  Were these payment for your jobs for The Institute?

No matter, you told me enough to put me on the right path.  Now I just need to find out more about the people pulling the strings – The Institute.  They have my son. And by god! I. WILL. GET. HIM. BACK.

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    1. I was right in his face with a highly modded combat shotgun. I popped some PsychoJet and nailed him like 5 times with the shotgun. I don’t even think he got a shot off. His guards on the other hand, they did. I took one of them out while Dogmeat kept the other one busy. When I finished everything off, I walked over looted his body and them drilled three more shots into him. It felt glorious.

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