Fallon’s Maze – Fallout 4

Fallout4_Garage Maze Welcome

I don’t know who did all of this, but someone has taken over the parking garage across from Fallon’s Department Store and turned it into…well, turned into a maze.  A frighting maze full of grotesque horrors, sights and traps.  The more I wondered through the maze the more disturbed I got.  About halfway through the maze I decided that I would find who ever created this place and eliminate him from this world if only to make it just one fraction of a percent better.  No one in their right mind would have created this place or been evil enough to set all the traps and force the “maze rats” to make choices like this.

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The ONLY good thing in this place is that I was able to collect a size-able cache of weapons and armor, preventing whoever built this place from wreaking more havoc on the Commonwealth.

Fallout4_Garage Maze Choice2

And I was able to find a Hot Rodder Magazine that I hadn’t read before.

Fallout4_Garage Maze Prize1

The bad news is whoever is responsible for this place is either already dead or hidden somewhere.  I couldn’t find them or any traces of what happened to them.  But if I ever do find them, I’ll add their carcass to this freak show.

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