Vault-Tec – Fallout 4


Go to the vault for your protection.  It’s a safe place. Bullcrap!

I entered Vault 114 tonight and found out the truth. Inside the terminals of this not quite complete vault is documentation that Vault-Tec made these vaults as multi-million dollar mazes and we, the vault dwellers, were their lab rats. They were testing the effects of how normal people would react to stressful situations.  Vault 114 was meant to house the wealthy and powerful exposed to meager surroundings, with a bumbling idiot placed in charge of the vault as Overseer. My vault, 111, was testing how we would react and deal with unsuspecting cryogentic freezing.

Those lying sacks of garbage. What gave the right to toy with our lives? Who made them god? Were they behind what happened to Shaun? I’ve got to find out more.

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