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Turien Makes It To Windhelm

After a grueling trip from Black Light, Morrowind, Turien crossed the Great Bridge of Windhelm and approaches the gates of this ancient city. He was not expecting the people to be as cold as the frozen air that surrounds the city.


Character Crusade

If you haven’t already seen it, I blogged a few months ago about “Let’s Live” named Erinyes Arcana by The CouchWarrior.  Well, he and two of his friends, Joe and Matt, have teamed up to create a whole thing* called I’ve been following them since the “podcast” started and I’ve enjoyed […]


Skyrim Character: Torac

Torac is my mage – the first mage that I have kept playing for more than 6 levels. He’s been difficult at times to play, but he has always been fun.  I’ve more than once thought about turning the rest of his play through (which still has a lot of […]


Skyrim Character: Miranda

History Mirada is Breton, although she was born in Skyrim.  Her parents were merchants and traveled all over Tamriel. While Miranda’s family prospered, in Miranda’s teen years, she noticed how hard it was for her parents to keep things going. How much time was spent on everything but what seemed […]