Character Crusade

If you haven’t already seen it, I blogged a few months ago about “Let’s Live” named Erinyes Arcana by The CouchWarrior.  Well, he and two of his friends, Joe and Matt, have teamed up to create a whole thing* called

Character Crusade

I’ve been following them since the “podcast” started and I’ve enjoyed every episode of it.  it has brought me new information about Skyrim, mods that I now actively use, resources for knowledge that I didn’t even know existed for Skyrim and a new way of thinking about role playing.

They are the primary reason I’m thinking about starting my own Let’s Play for Skyrim in the future.  Hopefully one that I can finish.

If you haven’t been to their site, go there.  NOW!

Note [*]: They call it a podcast, but it’s really more than that. They’ve recently added video and a “social” let’s play and just keep supplying content not only in video and audio but in written form on the website too.  Because of all of that, I find it really hard to call it a podcast.

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