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Header Image – Credit Where Credit is Due

While I did “technically” create the dragon header image above, all I did was add the text and line on top of an incredible screenshot.  I can not claim the screenshot however, that one belongs to one of the artists of Dead End Thrills.  Specifically, I used a small portion […]


Character Crusade

If you haven’t already seen it, I blogged a few months ago about “Let’s Live” named Erinyes Arcana by The CouchWarrior.  Well, he and two of his friends, Joe and Matt, have teamed up to create a whole thing* called I’ve been following them since the “podcast” started and I’ve enjoyed […]


Companion’s Farewell

A moment between friends at the end of a journey. Goodbye Kodlack, Harbinger of the Companions.


Things I Learned in Skyrim Today

First I learned about this: A display for the fragments of Wuuthrad on the wall as you go downstairs in Jorrvaskr. Walked by it a hundred times, never saw it until today. Then, just a few moments ago, I learned that you can equip and fire regular arrows with a […]


Skyrim Modding: Thoughts for Next Time

I am 118 hours into my most recent play through of Skyrim. While I’ve enjoyed it overall – I still have a LOT left to do – I’m learning that modding Skyrim the way that I have may, MAY, have pushed things too far.  I say that because I’m finding […]