I’ve been away from Skyrim for nearly a month now. Simply put, after spending 4 months modding, changing, starting and stopping, wanting to get something going and failing, I’ve burnt out on the game again.

For the past three weeks, I’ve diverted my attention to Diablo and tried to numb my brain with just mindless demon slaying. That’s worked, but I’ve had just about all I can stand of that for now too.

While I’m not ready to return to Skyrim, my mind is spinning on things to try when I do. To be honest, I really get a kick out of making Skyrim a great place to look at. I’ve been trying so hard to get a great looking setting that I’ve completely ignored playing and, probably pushed too hard with mods, which has made playing tough. Sadly, my spinning thoughts have been about mods to try, things to change that will make it better the next time.

The past two days I’ve been thinking that to make it “better the next time” I need to go simpler. Don’t try to mod “everything” in the game, just make it look good and be stable. I want the world of Skyrim to look awesome, I want it to feel like I could be the last dragonborn. But the main goal is to get to this point with as few mods as possible and then just start frakking playing.

So while the spinning continues to happen I will occupy my time with another game for now – maybe it’s time to put some serious time into Shadow of Mordor.

See you when I have something new to report.

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