Torac – Reincarnated

Today, I decided (and actually worked on) reviving Torac.  Creating the character was the easy, and fun, part.  Getting back to where he was is going to be the difficult part. Playing a full-mage is tough. But, I’ve still not finished Skyrim, so I still have things to do.

I’m going to use my previous “back story” for Torac as kind of a road map. There will undoubtedly be some differences, but still, the first leg of the story has already be played. The more difficult part will be his transitions from a (pure mage to a thief, assassin and (some level) of warrior so that I can play as much of the game as possible.

With that, I’ll leave you with a Hodilton-esque video of Torac, the Wandering Mage:


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