The 5 Fables and Turien’s Tale

For the past two weeks (beginning with my Christmas break), I’ve been planning and working on a new Skyrim Let’s Play – no, that’s not right, it’s really a story based in the Elder Scroll’s universe during the events/time of the game Skyrim.  I’ve entitled this story, Turien’s Tale – Deeds in the Dark.  I won’t give any more details than this:

Turien's Tale YouTube Thumbnail

I’ve been working on the script, some game play footage and a process with which I can produce my story.  I was reviewing my first submission in this tale – the Prologue – when I re-watched the prologue for “The 5 Fables“:

While I know that the Couch Warrior has plenty of experience – his Erinyes Arcana Let’s Live is a prime example – this simply blew me away.  It affected me so much that I’ve decided to trash all the work that I’ve done on my prologue and start over.  And it’s going to cause me to raise the bar of my cinematic video capture.

My goal is not to compete with Couch Warrior – my goal is to produce something I can be proud of and what I produced today was garbage compared to this.  So I’ll begin thinking, writing and creating again tomorrow.  I’m hoping to create something that is as engaging as the 5 Fables prologue and as beautiful too.


NOTE: My thumbnail is once again a modified version of an image I found on the Internet.  Since the page I downloaded it from gave no creation information, I can not pass the credit along.  If you recognize this image as your creation please let me know and I’ll provide the proper Author’s Credit.

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