RAD Storm – Fallout 4


While gathering supplies to appease the settlers under my protection, I witnessed my first RAD Storm.  It came in from the south.  The sound it made was the first indication it was coming.  It’s hard to explain – a weird buzzing, echoing and grating all at the same time.  Then the sky darkened and turned a greyish-green.  Next was the lightning.  Blinding white flashes leaving trails through the sky.  Then the RAD meter on my PIPBOY went off.  The closer the storm grew, the stronger the effects of the irradiated wind or the atomic lightning.  I found myself seeking shelter to keep from being killed from the effects.

The storm, coupled with the previous day’s adventures in the wilderness, made me certain it was time that I use a shot of RAD-AWAY.

I’ve described this scene a little differently – as if I really were the protagonist in the game.  Do you like this better than the others I’ve put up?  Let me know in the comments.  I’m not sure this is actually called a RAD Storm, but it seemed a fitting name to me.  I’ll be learning all the right terminology the more I play the game.

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