End of the Line – Fallout 4

Fallout4_End of the Line

Behind these doors lay the end of the line for Russ Kincaid.  His journey came to end when he opened the doors and found the place crawling with Raiders.

Both he and Dogmeat, his faithful German Shepard companion, fought hard.  But in the end there were just too many of them.  Russ was unprepared.  His only information was from a small settlement miles away – two people being harassed by these Raiders.  No one told Russ that there would be dozens of them, well armed, and with sophisticated detection enabled security gear.

He still didn’t think much about it when he took out the roaming patrols, the scanning search light, and the automated security turret.  “That had to be the worst of it.” He thought.  He was wrong.  Dead wrong.

If my playstyle was “PermaDeath”, this would have been Russ’ obituary – or at least part of it.  He would have lived a very short life.

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