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Subterranean – Fallout 4

Move your ass old man.  It’s just a tunnel.  A dark tunnel with no cover.  Probably with Raiders at the other end or worse.  Keep moving.  You’ve got plenty of room and it’s lit so you can see things coming.  Stop breathing so fast…there’s plenty of air down here.  This […]

The Burbs – Fallout 4

Before.  Before the war.  Before they took Shaun.  Before…they…killed her.  Before all of that, I have plans to move into something like this.  You’know, before its roof collapsed.  Shaun would have a brother or sister, maybe one of each, and they’d all have plenty of room to just be happy. […]

End of the Line – Fallout 4

Behind these doors lay the end of the line for Russ Kincaid.  His journey came to end when he opened the doors and found the place crawling with Raiders. Both he and Dogmeat, his faithful German Shepard companion, fought hard.  But in the end there were just too many of […]

Traffic Jam – Fallout 4

I stood, mesmerized, at the top of the hill, staring at what was left of the interstate.  The fact that the structure stood at all was amazing.  With the damage it sustained, huge sections of its superstructure were just gone, and the massive amount of wrecked vehicles still on its […]

RAD Storm – Fallout 4

While gathering supplies to appease the settlers under my protection, I witnessed my first RAD Storm.  It came in from the south.  The sound it made was the first indication it was coming.  It’s hard to explain – a weird buzzing, echoing and grating all at the same time.  Then […]