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Tranquil – Fallout 4

Even though the world has suffered from a massive nuclear attack, nature comes back.  This scene looks like it might have been taken late in autumn or early in the spring before the leaves have popped back out.  If you hadn’t known of the devastation, you probably wouldn’t think anything […]

Forgotten – Fallout 4

The sight of the tricycle rusting away in the stream made me think of a person coming home to find their favorite toy somewhere familiar and getting flooded with memories that they’ve been too busy to think about.  It doesn’t have to be an object.  It could be a familiar […]

Emergance – Fallout 4

I’ve started playing Fallout 4 – several times in fact.  Last night though I was in a mood for something different than Skyrim. (I know BIG change, right!  LOL), but I caught this screenshot as I began the game.  It doesn’t really give anything away for those that haven’t played […]

Role Playing: Clerics, Paladins and Their Use of Blunt Weapons

  In nearly every Role Playing Game (RPG) and Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game I’ve played, clerics, paladins, crusaders and other “holy knight” types of characters were forced to wield blunt weapons – maces, hammers, clubs, flails, etc. – simply because the character type serves a holy role.  I never […]

An Arrow to the Knee

“I used to be an adventurer like you.  Then I took an arrow to the knee.” If you’ve played Skyrim AT ALL – or even just heard about it – you’ve probably heard this saying.  If you haven’t, it’s probably worth you taking a look at this video.  (WARNING, it […]