An Arrow to the Knee

“I used to be an adventurer like you.  Then I took an arrow to the knee.”

If you’ve played Skyrim AT ALL – or even just heard about it – you’ve probably heard this saying.  If you haven’t, it’s probably worth you taking a look at this video.  (WARNING, it contains some foul language.)

Anywho…I’ve been playing again and I installed a mod – a player home named “Rayek’s End“.  Outside of it being a really cool place, the creator has a sense of humor.  You see, the way you find out about the actual home is you find Rayek, or actually his skeleton.  Apparently he was fighting some bandits and, you guessed it, he took an arrow to the knee and couldn’t go on.  He tried crawling back to his hideout, but missed it by about a dozen steps.

I love the humor and I love the mod.  I hope you love my picture of Rayek that I’ve entitled “An Arrow to the Knee”.

An Arrow to the Knee

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