Emergance – Fallout 4


I’ve started playing Fallout 4 – several times in fact.  Last night though I was in a mood for something different than Skyrim. (I know BIG change, right!  LOL), but I caught this screenshot as I began the game.  It doesn’t really give anything away for those that haven’t played the game, but I thought it was a cool scene.

I doctored it a bit in Photoshop, but not much.  Fallout, what I have seen of it, is a beautiful game.

As of right now, my Fallout setup has no mods!  GASP!  I think I’ll play a clean game first and then worry about modding it…assuming I like it.  I’ve always had a hard time with Fallout.  I don’t know why.  It just overwhelms me and I get frustrated because I don’t really make any progress; I just kinda wander around and try to find stuff.  What I usually find are critters and enemies that I’m not prepared for because I went to the wrong are too soon.  Oh well, we’ll see how this run goes.

Hope you enjoy Ememrgance!

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