Identity Crisis with my Skyrim Characters

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to play a Skyrim Character without suffering from the “grass is always greener on the other side” syndrome. “The other side” always involves moving to back to a build that feels comfortable – the sneaky archer with a boat-load of crafting and enchanting thrown in. This feels comfortable to me because it almost always allows me to avoid situations that would tax my patience or where I come out on the loosing end of a battle.

I’ve tried – oh how I’ve tried – to play an “arcane-X” or a pure mage, but I always seem to be conjuring the bound bow and reverting back to the sneaky archer.

I’ve tried builds that center on Illusion.  I’ve thrown fury on foes and watched them bash each other’s heads in and enjoyed the crap out of it – for about 5 or 6 times then it taxes my patience and I pull out the bow.

I’ve done sword-and-board builds and they’re fun and quick – until I meet a mage that roasts me from about a mile away.

Miranda was going to be my chance to build an assassin – a sneaky one-hander build with a potent dose of destruction magic.  I’ve never even gotten close enough with sneaking to be able to use the dagger (conjured or otherwise).  I can’t pull mobs apart into single foes. I can’t wait until an opportune moment, so I pull out the bow and revert.

This morning I decided the best thing to do is remove the conjuration perks I’ve allocated and move them into destruction and enchanting.  That way I can maybe – possibly – be a spell sword or sneaky rogue.  One that crafts and enchants their own gear.

That gear does include a bow.

However that gear also includes a sword and a dagger.  Hopefully I can at least fall into the play-style that I enjoyed so much with Torac.  Sneak when I can, melt with fire and lightning when detected and hack-and-slash when things get close.

Maybe when I grow up I can add assassinations into the mix.

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